Ten Tips on How to Dress Smartly with Lady Polo and Psychedelic clothing

Many women find the styles of psychedelic clothing shirts interesting and buy a few of them to stock in their wardrobe. Psychedelic clothing shirts are considered as sportswear but they can also be worn in other occasions. No matter where you go, you will surely be able to find a few women wearing rugby or polo t-shirts. The following are a few tips on how to wear this style of shirt.

1. You can wear a pair of blazer trousers along with the polo shirt if you need to wear it to a business occasion but want to look casual.

2. You can wear another shirt over the polo shirt if you are cold. The collar of the polo shirt can be folded against the neckline of the pullover shirt. If you are wearing a pink polo, it is suggested that you wear a grey shirt over it.

3. Perhaps the easiest way to wear a polo tee or Rugby shirt is to match it with denim jeans. Since polo shirt is short, you don’t have to tuck it. If the weather is hot, you can pair it with a skirt and casual flip flop.

4. You can accessorize yourself with a piece of jewelry to look better. For example, you can wear a necklace, or bangle to avoid a formal appearance when wearing the polo tee.


5. Polo tees with dark colors tend to add a smart appearance to the wearer. If you want to look smart, you should choose polo tees with dark colors like black or navy. Polo tees that are bright colored tend to give away a casual appearance.

6. Nautical style tees are getting increasingly popular. To dress in nautical style, you can choose a navy and white striped tee paired with navy trousers.


7. The ladies rugby tee can be worn as a pullover shirt over a button up shirt. You can leave the first few buttons opened on the neckline area. To look casual, you can wear a pair of women high heels or pumps.

8. If you want to wear layers of shirts, you can wear a sleeveless padded jacket over the polo tee. This will keep you warm on a rainy day or during the fall season.

9. If you are wearing boots, it is suggested that you wear a slim cut jeans because it will match perfectly with the lady Rugby shirt. Slim cut jeans will create a balance proportion of your top.


10. The Rugby shirt can be worn over a casual t-shirt to achieve a layer look. The shirt underneath should have a shorter sleeve so that only the sleeve of the rugby will be seen. You can wear a pair of denim jeans to match with the Rugby shirt.


Where to Buy Psychedelic T-Shirts

There are two main ways to order a custom t-shirt including design your own t-shirt or use a ready design for the t-shirt. The first step is to find a custom t-shirt printing store that offers the style and color of t-shirt of your preference. After that, you must come up with an artwork for the t-shirt. It is important that you don’t use a copyright design for your artwork. The artwork that you use for the t-shirt design must be original and your own creativity. The t-shirt printing quality must be good and not quickly fade away after washing it. The price must be fair and they should offer some discount if you are buying the Psychedelic T-Shirts in bulk quantity.


Screen Printed Psychedelic T-Shirts

If you choose screen printing, you have to pay for the price of the mesh screen because a new mesh screen needs to be used every time you want to print a design on a new t-shirt. The t-shirt screen printing fee also includes charges for the color inks that need to be used on the printed t-shirt design. The more colors your design has, the more expensive the t-shirt screen printing will be. The person performing the t-shirt screen printing process must wait for the color that he has just applied to dry up before proceeding to apply a different color to the design.

Heat Transfer Psychedelic T-Shirts

The design is printed out on a transfer paper through a regular printer. After that, the staff will iron the design on the heat transfer paper onto the t-shirt and the design will stay there from then on. The disadvantage of using heat transfer to transfer a design onto the t-shirt is that the design can flaked away and slowly disappear after a few time of washing it.


Hand Painted Psychedelic T-Shirts

Another way of creating a custom t-shirt is to paint the design directly onto the t-shirt with a brush and special paints like watercolor. This type of custom t-shirt is very common at art festivals and promotion that is take place at a shopping mall. If you are interested in buying a custom hand painted t-shirt, make sure you inquire how to take care of it.

Online Print-On-Demand Custom T-shirt Store

There are many online print-on-demand custom t-shirt stores that allow you to upload your artwork to be used as the design for your t-shirt. if you want to use your own artwork, make sure the image meets the minimum size requirement otherwise it will appear blurry on the t-shirt when it is finally printed. Many online custom t-shirt stores allow customers to start their own online t-shirt store by using their own designs. People with good creativity will be able to sell their t-shirt designs and make some profits. Custom t-shirt is not cheap because it is a custom product. However, they offer different tiers of discount depending on how many you purchase.